Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Easy Hand Made Baby Doll Diapers (Can also be no-sews)

For Christmas, Mopsy asked for a Bitty Baby, from American Girl. She takes very good care of her babies, so we decided that we would get her one. Now, one of her favorite things to do with her baby, is to pretend to change their diapers. She will walk over to the changing table, and grab a cloth diaper that I use for our baby, and try to put it on her doll! It's quite cute, watching her try to keep this diaper on, since it's rather large for such a small baby doll!

Well, knowing my daughter's love for changing her baby, I found a cute little diaper changing set, on Amazon. It comes with a little package of 'wipes', that are just little fabric rectangles, a jar of 'diaper rash cream' and 1 diaper. The diaper fits her Bitty Baby perfectly (I tried it on to make sure), but there's only 1! Not wanting to spend anymore money, I decided to make her a couple of diapers, and I'm going to show you how. It's super simple and you don't even have to sew anything, if you want. Let me explain.

My whole goal, in making these diapers was to spend NO money. I have a set budget that I will spend on each child, and I was already at the limit for Mopsy. My craft room, however, has so many extra things in it, I knew that I could find what I would need in there. It might not all go great, but I was determined to make this work! 

So, I found 2 colors of felt, that I liked, and taking the diaper from the kit, I traced the diaper outline onto the felt. Then I cut it out. Now, you could do these as no sews, and simply adhere some velcro onto the sides, to keep the diaper on the baby doll. Or, you could run a few stitches on the vecro to make sure that it stays on. I don't believe that the velcro, with the sticky tape on the back would be a good idea on felt. The felt's fibers can be pulled apart, and the velcro would come off rather easily. But, there are fabric glues available, and you could always go that route, if you really don't want to sew anything on. And, you would only need the scratchy part of the velcro, as the burrs will stick to the felt. 

Anyway, I thought about going the no-sew route, but I didn't have any fabric glue and I wanted to make these diapers look a bit like the one that came with the diaper bag. 

 So, taking some Bias tape I had laying around, I pinned the edges and simply sewed on the bias to the edges of the diapers. 1 package was more then enough. After the bias tape was sewn on, I decided to see if the diaper would fit some of her other dolls. I already knew that it fit the Bitty Baby, but she has a couple of other babies that she loves to mama. Well, the diapers fit all but 1. This doll was a bit thicker, in the core, so I decided to make these diapers more like the ones I use on Alexsaurus.

Taking the remaining bias tape, I ironed it open, so that I had a wider stretch of fabric. Once again, my goal was to use what I had lying around. After ironing it, I cut the bias tape into 3" sections.

3" sections

I then sewed a little square onto 1 side of the bias tape tab, and sewed the other side to the diaper. When the tabs are folded in, the velcro will stick to the diaper, rather then being left out to scratch. Just like the Kushies that we use. I sewed the smooth side of the velcro to the front of the diaper, so that the thicker dolls have a bit more room to wear the diapers, and the thinner ones have an area to tighten up the diapers.
 Honestly, I love these diapers so much, I might make her some more! I have quite a bit of felt, and some fleece, so I might make some more! I know that she'll love them, and I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning, as she plays with her new doll and diapers!

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