Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homemade Duvet Cover

About a month ago, my oldest son was moved out of his old toddler bed, and into a twin sized bed. He was so proud that he was big enough to move out of his old bed. It was a major deal for him, and made him feel like such a big boy!

The only problem was when Jackasaurus was born, we bought one of those convertible beds; one of those beds that starts out as a crib, then can be transformed into a full sized bed. Wonderful idea, except we weren't planning on having another boy, and the idea of having a full size bed in the room that Alexsaur and Jackasaurus share was NOT happening! Fortunately, we found a mini crib for Alexsaur, that transforms into a twin sized bed, so he's taken care of later!

The problem I now faced, was that Jackasaurus was being moved into a twin sized bed, and I didn't have much in the way of twin sized sheets. Sure, I could go out and buy something, but I had 3 changes of full size sheets, that had been given to us, and I really didn't like the idea of wasting those. Plus, Jackasaurus had been given a set of Transformer sheets that he really loved, of course in the full size. Then I had an idea, of how I could use the sets of sheets we had, and make something really special for him that would match the theme of his room.

My first thought was to take the two full sized fitted sheets, take the elastic out and sew them together to make a duvet cover. But after looking it over, I really didn't like the idea. So, I decided to try my hand at making quilt blocks. I've never quilted before, and have always wanted to try. I cut out my blocks 13" by 13" then sewed them together, using a 1'' seam allowance. I used a surging stitch, then a basic zigzag stitch to hold it all together. My son likes to pick at loose threads, and I knew that given the chance, this duvet cover would be toast in a matter of months! After ironing the pieces flat, I then did a straight stitch down the lines, to make sure that they were secure.
After the front piece was done, and measured to the size of a twin sized bed, I made the back piece, and stitched the 3 sides together. I had a comforter for him, but it didn't go with the theme of his room, so I wanted to make a duvet cover for it. The ends of the cover are a simple button hole closer, and the comforter fits perfectly in it! I took the flat sheets, from the full sized sets, and cut those down to fit a twin sized bed.

To say that Jackasaurus loves it would be an understatement. He gets his Transformers and it also matches the Army theme for their room!

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