Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Favorite Time of Year

I love Autumn! The cool, crisp air, the smells, the atmosphere, everything. It's been a gorgeous start to the Fall season, here in Kansas, and Fall doesn't officially start for a couple of days! We've been enjoying weather in the upper 60's to 70's in the day time, and super chilly at night. I love it, and I love decorating for the season, as well. Alexsaur's 1st birthday is the day before the official start of Autumn, and so I decided to get the house ready for the weather! I can't wait for the leaves to start turning and falling! Here's some photos, from around my house, and I'll tell you how I made the items! Enjoy!

Make your own word art using Photoshop! Print them off at your local Mart store, buy some cheap frames from the Dollar Store and paint them a color you like. Super simple and you can make the word art for all 4 seasons!
You can buy the Scentsy Warmer Here. I'm warming Pumpkin Roll which smells AMAZING!
Buy some fake leaves and use them to decorate. I put the leaves inside the  bowl and put candles on top. I even made coasters, out of felt.
Buy some felt, and cut out 2 sides of what ever shape you want. Sew them together and add details using your sewing machine, or sewing by hand.

You can buy the Scentsy Warmer Here. I'm warming Pumpkin Roll in this one, too. Amazing smell!
I went to Hobby Lobby, when they were having there 80% off all Fall decor, and bought alot of decorations. One thing I bought was these mini gourds. I hot glued them together, then wrote out the words using a Sharpie.  I hot glued them in 3 big pieces, and the tallest piece is on 3" tall. Easy and cost me less then $3

Leave it to my genius husband to attach a computer to the TV, and turn our TV into a giant media center. Makes watching Hulu easier!
You can buy the Scentsy Warmer Here

 I made garland out of fabric leaves, to hang and wrap around the banister, the entertainment center and the hutch. I grabbed my sewing machine, and started sewing the pieces together. Didn't take long, and the look is exactly what I wanted!


I hope that I've inspired you to create some beautiful decorations for the Autumn season. Soon, the leaves will change colors, and then fall, and the crisp, cool winds will change over to the frosty air of Winter. For now, I'll just enjoy my favorite season, sip some hot tea, and enjoy this time!

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