Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting a Doll Back into Great Condition

Today is Mopsy's birthday. It's hard to believe that I had her 3 years ago! She's such an amazing child, sweet and stubborn at the same time! She is the most loving child, as well; making anyone fall in love with her immediately! I am one blessed momma!

For her birthday, she wanted a princess theme. She's all about the Disney princesses and fairies. About 3 months ago, I had already gotten most of her gifts, but I wanted to get her a "Princess" doll. Every birthday I have a set budget in mind, and I was almost at that budget limit. Then, at a mom's club sale, I saw this doll.
She was a hot mess!
This picture does not really show how badly this doll was messed up! The previous owner had colored on her back side with a marker, the hair looked like a pack of squirrels had decided to make a nest out of it, but the price was right. $3 for the doll, and I knew I could fix her up. Here's what I did.

I grabbed my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, a bottle of liquid fabric softener, my Woolite, a wire wig brush (I used the hair brush from my American Girl doll I got over 20 years ago) and got to work.

Taking the dress off, I washed it in luke warm water and Woolite. I know I probably should have washed it in cold, but it was dirty and I wanted to make sure it all came out.

A little Woolite and soaking, then laying flat to dry, and the dress went from dingy to shiny!

Next, I took my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and went to work on the doll herself. In a few minutes, every bit of marker was off of her face and her shoes. All of the dirt was gone, and she was clean! I sprayed her with a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide to kill any germs, rinsed her off and let her dry!

Last, but not least, was that squirrel's nest on top of her head. I had read, on Pinterest, that people had success in putting a mix of liquid fabric softener and water on the hair, and rinsing, then brushing and it restored the hair. It couldn't hurt. I didn't have an extra spray bottle that I could use, so I soaked the hair in the 1/2 liquid fabric softener 1/2 water mix.
No dolls were hurt in the process

After soaking the hair in the mix, I rinsed, and repeated soaking till the knots came out easily. After a good brushing, her hair looked brand new! I was pretty impressed!

I put her hair up, after finding the original doll online and using it as a guide.

This doll turned out better then I ever could have imagined, and Mopsy fell in love with her new friend! Not bad for $3, eh?!

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  1. Wow! Glad to know that fabric softener idea really works! Will file that away for when I need it! Thanks for posting!


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