Friday, September 28, 2012

A Father's Love

I have to brag on my husband a little bit, right now. You see, I adore my husband. He is a very Godly man, who loves his family like no one else. It is truly humbling to see the love pour out of him, as he plays with our children, or he loves on someone at our church. It really is a gift from God, that he is such a great dad. He didn't have much of a father figure, when he was a child. His father was gone most of his life in the Navy, leaving him to try and figure things out on his own. My husband and my father in law have since reconciled, and their relationship is more of best friends, then a father-son.

One of the things I love the most about him is how much he loves our children. Their eyes light up when they hear those keys in the door! They know that daddy is home to play, cuddle, and snuggle with. It reminds me, every time, how our Heavenly Father must feel when we come to Him with joy and anticipation in our hearts! How He must LOVE it when we are excited to spend time with Him! My husband is showing my children how the love of God works, and it's so sweet.

One thing that my children love to do, is give their daddy a hug and kiss, before he leaves for work. They love it so much, that it really messes up their day when they sleep to late, and daddy has to leave. This happened the other day, and knowing that it could make their day turn out badly, he did the sweetest thing.

Knowing that our 4 year old can read, he wrote our Jackasaurus a letter. The look of pure joy, on Jackasaurus' face was priceless! He kept that letter on him all day, pulling it out to read it over and over. Daddy even wrote our 3 year old , Mopsy, a letter. She felt like she was on top of the world, reading and re-reading it all day!

Our Father, in Heaven, did the same thing for us. He sent His Word down, giving it to men to transcribe. The Bible isn't just there as a list of dos and don'ts, it a love letter to his children. I see the way that my husband interacts with our children; see the love and respect that they have for him. They know that their dad loves them, even when they must be disciplined. They know that no matter what they do, their dad loves them. In today's world, that is a rare thing. I am so blessed to call him my husband. He really is that rarest of treasures.

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