Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Google Fiber is Coming!

My husband is a huge technology guy.  I've made no secret about his knowledge of computers, about how he is THE guy to go to about anything computers. I'm not just saying that, I could give you about 5 dozen people, off the top of my head, who he has helped. He knows what he's talking about. I say all this to tell you about his latest venture, into Google Fiber. When he heard about Google Fiber, back a couple of years ago, he was really hoping that it was going to be coming to Kansas soon. Then, Kansas won the bid to put the fiber in, he was excited! His voice was heard loud and clear, on the internet, about Google Fiber, that he was even interviewed about it, on the news.

Since then, my husband has been doing everything that he can to raise awareness in our community; so that we can get Google Fiber where we live. He has become an Ambassador,getting the word out that Google Fiber is coming! He has gone to meetings, at the Google Fiber  building, worked his butt off, got his company involved in working with Google Fiber, and much more. And, finally the day comes when he gets this email:

From: Google Fiber Team <fiber-support@google.com>
Date: Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Congratulations, your area is going to get some Fiber!
To: H************@gmail.com

Google Fiber

your area is going to get some Fiber!

Because you and your neighbors pre-registered, 
your fiberhood has reached its goal. That means
 you'll be one of the first neighborhoods in the nation 
with ultra high-speed Internet. But there's more you
 can do — the construction order for Kansas City
 will be determined by your fiberhood’s ranking on
 September 9. The more households to pre-register, 
the earlier we will begin connecting your fiberhood.
 You can help bring Fiber to your area even sooner
 by encouraging others to join up, too.

After September 9th, we will announce when you

 should expect us in your fiberhood and send more
 details about choosing your package. Until then,                                   
 check your fiberhood’s progress and join us at one
 of our local Kansas City events.

Thanks again for helping to bring Fiber to Kansas City.

- The Google Fiber Team

Boy, was he ever excited when he showed the email to me! But his work doesn't end here. He just came home, today, from a meeting at the Google Fiber store, learning new ways to help get the word out about how this can help so many people.

One thing that we want to raise awareness on, is that this isn't just for the schools and libraries, but also for the homeschooling families. Can you imagine how fast it would be to do the research you needed, on Google Fiber, instead of your normal internet speed? How fast could you look up the history of the Presidents? If you live in the Kansas City area, and are able to sign up for Google Fiber, why wouldn't you?  We're ecstatic about Google Fiber coming to our house, and can't wait! Let's do this! For the community, for the schools, for the libraries, for the homeschoolers!

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