Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kitchen Curtains

This year, my husband and I are redoing our kitchen. It's something that I've wanted to do since we moved in, but never had the time. This year, I decided it was time, especially when I saw the neighbors, across from us, looking in our kitchen windows from their back porch with a telescope. Can you say creepy?! That was the final straw, and the redecorating began.

After the paint color was picked out, the drawer pulls, etc. it was time to think about window coverings. After seeing the neighbors staring at us, thru my sheers, I decided that I wanted something that was fully lined, fully covering, and you couldn't see anything thru it. After pricing and looking at curtains online, and in stores, I knew that I could make some that were better looking, and cheaper. Most curtains started at $20 a panel, and I needed 10 panels for all the windows in my kitchen! And, those panels were not at all what I wanted for my kitchen! Fully lined panels start at $40 and go up from there!

So, after finding a sewing pattern I liked, I started looking at fabric. Man, fabric has really gone up from when I worked in a fabric store! After finding out that most starts out at $5 a yard, and goes up from there when you get into prints, I decided to use bed sheets. Yes, I said bed sheets. I got 2 king sized flat sheets, in the color I wanted, and 2 more in for the liner. All told, $60 for the 4 sets of sheets, as the main color I wanted was on clearance for $15 a piece and the liner color was the Wal-Mart brand of sheets, for $15 a piece. I was then able to buy the more expensive, patterned fabric; spending only $60 on that for valances and tie backs. All told, with the thread and plastic rings needed for the tie backs, I spent about $130 for 5 full window treatments.

Following this Blogs idea, I measured my windows, drew them out on a piece of paper, then laid the washed fabric out, and drew out the shapes I needed with tailor's chalk. I did the same with the lining material, and pinned them together. I didn't do my curtains loops like she did, but made tabs. The valance and tie backs were a part of the pattern I bought.

I'm quite thrilled with them, and the fact that they block the morning's sun from beating in the windows. Now, I have to make some curtains for my office! I think I'll skip the fabric store, and just go straight to the sheet aisle at Wal-Mart!

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