Friday, July 13, 2012

Gone but not Forgotten

This is has been a tough week and a half. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an animal lover; I'll care for an animal that is brought to me. Will I end up keeping the animal, after it's been cared for? No, but I'll find it a great home, and care for it the best way I can while it's in my care. I wrote, a couple of weeks ago, about 2 sweet puppies that were dumped, and I found them. I wish I could say that all ended well for the puppies, but it didn't.

On July 1, 2012, I was really excited because I knew I had found a great home for the little brown dog. The girls, who were going to care for her, named her Princess, and rightfully so. Princess was delivered into the arms of 2 squealing, delighted girls and their proud mama. It was a match made in heaven. On Tues the 3rd, Princess had her shots, at the vet, and I had taken our puppy, Pips, to the vet for his shots. If you are in the Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri area, you really should check out Angel Vet. They are an animal sanctuary that provides low cost treatment for dogs and cats. I mean, seriously low. Princess' mom paid over $140 for her visit and shots, while I paid $36 for the same thing. Well worth the drive.

Wed. the 4th, Pips was acting like he didn't feel good. At first I thought it was due to his first shots, and the de-wormer that he had. He was sleeping all day, not eating, and just acting odd. The next morning, he was still acting out it, and was vomiting a bit. The vet told me that there was a chance of him vomiting up the worms, but she never mentioned sleeping all day and not eating. I called the vet, told them what he was doing, and they said that it sounded like he had Parvo, and to bring him back to the vet immediately. I packed up the kids and dog, and got him to the vet as fast as I could.

The tests came back positive, our sweet puppy had Parvo. I was shocked, and even more shocked when the vet said that it had a 10-14 incubation period. I called Princess' mom, and told her that Pips had Parvo, and that probably meant that Princess did too. She told me that Princess had just started acting sick, and she would take her to the vet as soon as she could. Within 3 hours, Princess died, while on her way to the vet.

I can't express to you how saddened I was that Princess had passed. That beautiful puppy was the sweetest thing, and didn't deserve. Because of the incubation period, it is more then likely that the puppies had just gotten sick when they were dumped.

Well, the first 24 hours were touch and go for Pips, but he made it. I ended up spending the whole weekend, before he came home, bleaching everything. I bleached the floors, the yard, the bottoms of our shoes, everything. After 4 days, he was able to come home. I've been nursing him back to health, cooking plain chicken and rice for his meals, so he will eat. He's had to go back to the vet this past Thursday, because he suddenly started throwing up the food he was eating. The vet gave him some different shots, and he should be able to come home in a couple of days.

Sadly, it was to late for Princess. She wasn't as strong as Pips, or able to fight as long. I'll miss that little dog. She was such a sweet heart, and I know that her little girls miss her too.

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