Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Newest Family Member

I normally think the best of people, unless you've proven that my faith in you is unfounded. You could ask my husband, and he would tell you that I normally give to many chances to people to prove themselves. But there are some people, even those who I haven't met, that I can't even find a spark of hope for. Alot of those people will remain nameless here.

The reason I bring up this topic is because something happened that broke my heart. The other day, after taking the kids to the grocery store, we passed a lot that our neighbor had turned into a garden. She's an amazing woman, and you can generally find her there making things grow. Well, on this day, she wasn't there, but there were 2 baby puppies, tossed into one of her high gardening crates. Keep in mind, that this day it was 90 degrees, with the full sun beating on these puppies. It was only by God's grace that I heard their whining.

For the next 30 min. I gave those babies water, and made phone calls to the owner of the property, my husband, and the police. The owner didn't know whos dogs they were, but because the crate was so high, and the dogs couldn't jump out, there's no way they jumped in. The police offered to send out Animal Control, and pick up the puppies, but my husband said he wanted them at our home.

After I brought them home, and got them stable, my sadness turned to anger. We live in an area that is nothing but parks. One thing that is great about where we live, is there is the animal control shelter not 3 blocks from where I found the puppies. Why, in the name of all that is good, would you just leave 2 babies to die?

Fortunately, I found a home for the little girl dog, and we're keeping the golden puppy. Jackasaurus loves this little dog more then anything. We were able to get the mounds of fleas off of them, get them eating, and they are thriving with us. I hadn't planned on getting my children a dog till they were old enough to care for it, but I guess God had other plans.


Little Lady

Brother and sister love!

If you have an animal that you can't care for, please do the humane thing and turn them over to the nearest Humane Society. These are not trash, for you to toss out in the street. They are living, breathing, loving animals. And please, spay and neuter your animals.

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