Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One of the Many Joys of Summer

 It's the smell, of the pool, that brings back memories for me; of swimming lap after lap, learning new styles, feeling as fast as a fish and so free.It's not a great smell, by any stretch of the imagination, but it does bring back a wash of memories. Great memories, filled with fun!

I love to swim. I've loved to swim ever since I can remember. My mom took me, and my 3 sisters, every summer to the pool. We had a friend who owned a private pool, and we would just make a whole day out of it. My mom made sure that we girls had swimming lessons. We were very blessed to have a youth pastor's wife, who was also a registered Life Guard, at our church. She taught amazing lessons, and then let those who wanted to continue actually take the Life Guard course. My sister and I took it, alright, and I can still make a life preserver out of my jeans, if I need to!

All 3 of my kids are water babies, have been since they were born. Only my 3rd can actually say he's been in water since second 1, though, as he was actually born in water. They've been begging me to put up the pool for awhile, but now that they are old enough, I knew it was time to start them in swim lessons, themselves. Thankfully, the Y had swim lessons available for the older 2 children, and we started them the other day. The look of pure joy on their faces, when they started, is hard to put into words! They loved it! All they've talked about, since their first lesson, is when they will go back for their next lesson! Who knows, maybe they will learn how to make a life preserver out of their jeans, one day. Until then, we'll continue to work on kicking our legs and blowing bubbles in the water with our nose!

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