Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Made Body Wash

In my pursuit to save my family money, I am always looking at what we use and how I can save money at it. One way, is making our own body wash. The last time I made some body wash, it turned out fine, but you had to use quite a bit of it just to get clean. The kids didn't like how it felt on their skin, so now I use it to make the Baby Wipes. This time, I wanted to make something that was a little more moisturizing, and would be thicker. My internet searches lead me to make body wash out of Dove body bars. I combined 2 different recipes I found, and ended up having to modify the recipes, just so I could pour it in the bottle! Here's the recipe:

You Will Need:
3 Dove body bars (I bought the Wal-Mart generic brand, Equate. They have a version that says to compare to Dove's brand, and it costs $4 for a 6 pack, vs. $6 for a 6 pack.)
9 cups of distilled water (every recipe I found said to use only 6, but I'll show you why I used 9)
15 drops of lavender oil

To Make:
First put your water in a stock pot and get it hot. I started with the 6 cups of water, heating that first. Then, take 1 bar of soap, put it in a bowl and microwave for 90 sec. only. You can grate the soap, but keep in mind that the soap has lots of moisturizers in it, so it will be slick. Microwaving it, for 90 sec. only, will melt the soap, making it dissolve super fast in the hot water.
This is what it looks like, after you've microwaved it! Cool, huh?! Add the melted soap to the hot water, and whisk slowly to help melt it.
After I added all 3 bars of soap, I added about 15 drops of lavender oil to the pot. I love how lavender smells, and how relaxing it is! After the soap is all dissolved, remove the pot from heat and set it somewhere to cool. Because the AC is on in the house right now, this took about 4 hours.
After 4 hours of cooling, this stuff hardened hard! I could barely dig the spoon it, let alone pour it into the empty body wash container! This picture above was made using the recipes I found online, using only 6 cups of water. So, I put the pot back on the heat, and once it was melted back down, I added 3 more cups of distilled water, once again whisking it slightly to mix.

After leaving it all night to harden, I came back, and the batch was much better! It was hardened, but I didn't have to try and chip at it with a spoon! I took my electric mixer, and using only 1 blade, I mixed it up and made it smooth.

It kinda looks like frosting! Mixing it really made it smooth and pourable. I was able to funnel it into the containers. It does look, and feel, a bit like slimy mucus (sorry for that gross mental picture!) but it soaps up nicely, smells great, and cost me about $3 for 92 oz of soap! Not bad!
I had an old 28 oz. body wash bottle that I poured some in, for the shower, and poured the rest into an old liquid soap refill bottle, that was 64 oz. I think I have soap for awhile! I wonder if I decorate the soap pump bottle, if it will last in the shower? Hmmm...

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  1. 9 cups of water seems to be quite a bit more than the typical 6 cups used. Does the soap still come out nice and creamy like store bought soap, and not watery?

    1. I tried the usual 6 cups of water, at first, and couldn't even whisk it to make it creamy enough to pour. I used distilled, bottled water and everything. I found that I had to put more water into the soap recipe, just to make it creamy. So yes, it came out creamy, not watery, when I added the 9 cups of water. It was a brick when I only added 6.


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