Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lattice Pig Tails

I love doing other people's hair! My daughter and I will sit and fix up her hair, making it look pretty, and it's a great bonding time! I'll share some of my old photos, of her hair dos, sometime. I think I got my love for doing hair when I worked with special needs children. Every Sat. night, the ethnic girls would wash their hair, then come over where I was working so I could braid, style, and just have fun with it! The other day, I was incredibly blessed to be able to do the foster children's hair, that are living with our amazing babysitter. The little girls are gorgeous, and their hair is equally so! Sadly, their hair had never been taken care of, and it took me 2 times, coming over and conditioning and braiding, just to get it looking beautiful again! I think the oldest one will need a couple more conditioning treatments. Her hair had never been conditioned. But, it's looking alot better now!

'K' hair.

P's hair. Much easier to see how I sections and braided the hair, then in K's picture.
Mopsey's hair, in the same style. Her hair was alot shorter a year ago, but you can see how cute the same style looks without braiding the sections.

My favorite website, for looking at hair ideas is Hairstyles for Girls She has a full blog of great hair ideas, and full detailed explanations on how to do what you want! Check her out!

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