Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Project: Putting the Swing Set Together

For the past few weeks, and for the next 4 months, my husband and I are taking our house remodel to a whole new level. With 3 kids, one of them under 1 year, it's not easy to get anything done, let alone major remodeling! We are so fortunate that we have a wonderful babysitter. This woman is an anointed woman of God, and has the patience of a saint. I swear, she watches her 3 grand-kids 6 days a week, some days for the entire day and night, and watches other people's kids too. I think, on Sat., she had 5 kids under 5, and later in the afternoon 4 kids under 5 and 2 under 12. There are other days when she has even more kids, and she LOVES it! We are so grateful for her, thank God for her all the time, and love her to pieces. She knows who she is, so I won't mention names, but if you're in the KC area, and need a great reference for a babysitter; message me! This women is the BEST!

Anyway, I am rabbit trailing here. One of our projects was to get the swing set, that we bought last year, put up. We bought this Swing Set last year, when all the swing sets were on clearance. Trust me, if you can wait to buy a swing set, till it's not in season, you can save over 1/2 off! We just didn't tell the kids what the 3 massive boxes, in the garage, were; they sat in the garage all winter until it was warm enough to put up.

If you're going to get a swing set like this, or anything this large, there are a couple pieces of advice I would give you.

1. Have 2 people, or more, to help. My husband and I were able to put this together easily, because one of us could hold the piece while the other drilled or put the bolts in.
2. Sort all the wood piles. Trust me, it will save you time it you sort everything before you need it!
3. Sort all the hardware needed for each step and put them in little labeled baggies. 
4. Seal the wood. It is very porous wood so you have to seal it.
5. Pay attention to the direction! The pictures in the instructions were very good so pay attention to the orientation of the wood. 
6. On the slide, once you get one green side in, screw it down before trying to put the other green side on. Trust me, it won't stay in, unless you screw one side down to keep it in. 

I was able to get most of the large stuff put together, with my husband, so that when I had to pick up the kids he could finish all the other stuff. The kids absolutely love their new swing set, and have had a blast playing on it! I know that they are going to have many years of fun adventures with this!

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