Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

I love Spring! I love watching the new babies coming out, watching everything grow! But the past 2 weeks have been especially exciting here, as I found 2 birds nests, at waist level, for us to watch! I was clearing a fence from some wild honeysuckle that was attacking it, and found out that 2 birds had made nests on top of the fence! At the time I cleared the fences, only 1 bird had laid eggs, but it was an exciting time for me and the kiddos!
                                                                                   Picture taken of 3 eggs on 4-7-2012

The children got the see the eggs on Easter Sunday, and was quite the topic for hours! It lead to many questions about what was in the eggs, how they got there, and how the momma sitting on the babies wasn't bad for them. It was a great lesson in science and nature! It was so fun to see them get so excited about the new babies. Well, the next Saturday, we had an even bigger surprise! 2 of the babies had hatched, and my other nest had 4 eggs in it! Oh, we were an excited bunch! The children have had so much fun looking at the birds, learning not to touch, and have been asking so many questions!

                                                      Newborn birds and 4 eggs pictures taken 4-14-2012

 I plan on taking pictures every week, so we can watch and see how they grow. It has been so neat to see God's creation in progress!

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