Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Births and Midwifery

My midwife, Suzanne Ryan, posted this Article that really got my blood boiling. Basically, this certified midwife was arrested, in the state of Indiana, where it's illegal to be a midwife. This is the United States of America, and we claim that this is the land of opportunity; where you can be whatever you want to be, if you work hard. I guess not in Indiana!

As a mom, who had a home birth, I don't see what the big deal is. My midwife was incredibly knowledgeable, and very much for what I wanted in a birth. I had my first 2 at a hospital, and after being induced for both, because it was more convenient for the OB to induce when it fit in her time frame; and having the epidurals fail, but being forced to labor on my back anyway, I knew when I had my 3rd that I wanted it to be different. A midwife isn't someone who doesn't understand what your body is going thru, someone who just studies it out of a book. No, midwives go thru tons of book training, then lots of hands on training under another midwife. Honestly, my midwife was so knowledgeable, that she was able to answer questions that my OB was never able to answer! Of course, my OB was always so rushed for time, that she never really sat down and talked with me anyway! With a midwife, you have the 1-on-1 attention that you need, while you are pregnant! She made me feel so calm, so in control of the birthing process, that I can honestly tell you that there was NO pain during my labor. Sure, it was a bit uncomfortable, but the skills that my midwife taught me helped so much that I was not in pain. My midwife wasn't even sure I was in active labor, when she came to my house, since I wasn't acting like most women do during active labor. 20 min. later, though, a healthy baby boy was born in a birthing tub, safe in my arms.

I could understand if this midwife, in Indiana, was being arrested because she was practicing as a midwife without a license or training. But, she's not. Something has to change in America. The doctors and Pharmaceutical companies have everything so wrapped up, that you can't sneeze without being written a RX for something, costing the insurance companies, and you, alot of money. I, for one, am excited about home  birthing making a come back. One of my favorite shows, Bones, had the main character wanting a home birth. Sure the labor and delivery part, on the episode, was ridiculous; having her deliver on her back, but it really put a good light on the fact that hospitals are really only good for the sick. If you pregnancy is normal, and you are healthy, why deliver in a hospital? If you are worried about the pain, trust me, there are natural ways to handle it and cope. I regret having my 2 oldest in a hospital. I wish I would have had them at home, safe and comfortable. Plus, I would have saved myself, and my insurance company, thousands of dollars. Just think, the average cost of a normal labor and delivery (minus the prenatal and postpartum care) is over $10,000! My midwife, in Kansas, cost me only $2800, and that was for the prenatal, the labor and delivery, and the postpartum care! And, my insurance did cover it (after I met my deductible)!

I don't understand why this poor lady is being arrested, and treated like this. I'm sending money to help cover her legal bills, and hope that this case is thrown out of court. In the meantime, I hope that you will think about having a midwife, instead of a hospital birth, if you are expecting. I can guarantee you that you will not regret it, at all.

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  1. Suzanne delivered my son on Sunday. I am also a nurse. What sickens me is some of these laws are made up from people that are men or women withor without childbearing experience. I believe alot is money but safety as well. What happens when you try to stop people they sometimes find other ways to do things. This may not always have a postive outcome. I came to Suzanne after I had already saw a OB doctor that had graduated in 2007. I saw her for about five min. per visit and she only looked at the floor and said what do you think or do you have any questions?

    Excuse me I wasted all this gas for five min. and a payment of $500.00. each visit. The other staff were involved in taking the assessments so by the time I saw the doctor they just upload all of my new info on a computer for her to read back to me. I ended up asking for a refund and told them I hired someone. I later wrote them a letter expressing my concerns. Seemed as if they were more concerned with how the office looked versus how I felt about my birth experience. I hated it so much, I just stop getting out of the car once I got there(NOT RECCOMMENDED).

    Suzanne provided me with a more wholistic approach along with education that I needed along the process. Nurses are taught to care for the patient and family, doctors look at the disease aspect. She covered wayyyyy more and I left feeling like giving birth would be like having my very first child again. There is more than one way to learn or do something. I did alot of research beforehand so I was prepared for the options ahead of time. I'm glad I found her, as my mind was made up even if that meant going to another state.


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