Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why We Homeschool

I grew up being home schooled. I don't mean that I was home schooled for a year or two, no I was home schooled from 1st grade till I graduated high school. When my husband and I started talking about having children, one thing we both felt God was leading us to was home schooling them. Now, I'll be honest, I didn't like being home schooled; especially in my high school years. I wanted to be with my friends, at school; so the thought that I was being called to home school my children was a little frightening. The more I prayed about it, the more I knew that it was what God was wanting me to do. Even though I know it's what I'm supposed to do, it's nice that God is always sending people along my path to confirm what He was spoken to my heart, but more on that in a minute.

When my oldest was born, I had accepted the fact that I was going to home school my children. I still don't know if that will include high school, but I know that the Lord will lead me in the right direction, when that time comes. When my oldest was 12 months old, he was already showing signs that he wanted to learn, so we started with his ABCs, went on to numbers 1-20, then colors and shapes. By the time he was 18 mon. old he knew all his letters, his numbers, the colors and shapes. I remember my husband telling me, as Jackasaurus was pointing out his letters for daddy, that there was no way we could send our son to public school. If he was this smart already, he would be bored to tears by the time he got to school age!

Fast forward to our 2nd being born. She had the good fortune of watching her oldest brother learn all the new stuff, and watch him. By the time she was 1 year, her vocabulary was thru the roof. She learned everything that her brother did, and more.

I'm not writing this, because I want to brag. Sure, I'm proud of what my kids have accomplished so far. Every day they continue to impress me. My 4 year old, the other day, correctly told me what inertia was! I mean, what 4 year old knows this stuff? I guess mine does. Obviously, I'm doing something right.

As I said before, the Lord is always bringing confirmation that the path I'm going is the right one. Whether it's my son telling me what inertia is, or the Kindergarten teacher telling me that she is so impressed with my 2 year old and her intelligence, or the teacher who is amazed that my 4 year old is teaching himself to read. We believe that God has given us our children, and that He has a huge plan for their lives. We believe that as the parents, we are accountable for what our children learn, and that sending our children to public school is setting them up to fail. I, in no way, am saying that sending your children to public school is bad, or that parents that send their kids to public school are bad. Not at all. This is just what we believe for our children.

I know that there are lots of parents that home school their kids, because the public school system is failing, and they believe that their children will get a better education at home. I say if you have the patience, go for it! It's a huge amount of work, and it's not for those who can't devote the time required. It takes a lot of studying, a lot of research and a lot of time. If you're thinking about home schooling your kids, I would really suggest that you sit down and make a list of pros and cons. Ask yourself, why do you want to home school? Do you have the time to devote to really educating your children? Do you have the patience? And, do you have all the resources? One great thing about being home schooled my whole life, I know what I need to get and where to get it.

Some great links to help you get started  Home School Reviews has a lot of reviews of different curriculum. Alpha Omega has a great Bible based learning. We love their Life Pacs. Titus 2 is a great home schooling resource for parents.World Book is a great resource for families, as well. Home School Inc has great info on planning and keeping transcripts. List of States where you have to register your Home school In the state of Kansas, you have to register your home school with the state, as a private school. It costs nothing, and it lets them know that you're children are being educated. Most states have the same laws. Not registering your home school can lead to the SRS being called on you, and lots of home visits. Trust me, my mom registered our home school over 20 years ago, and we still had lots of people calling the SRS on us. It's a lot better now for home schoolers, but you still need to be protected and informed.

I hope that if you're considering home schooling, that some of these links help you out. If you have any questions, I would love to help you in any way that I can!

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