Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning Check Lists with Ideas to Get the Kids In On the Fun!

Today, it was a gorgeous day! I opened the windows to let the breezes in, rushing out the sick germs that have been in our house the past few days! I love Spring. The smell, the feel, the new life, and the CLEANING! You heard me right, I LOVE to Spring Clean! I get the kids in on the action (they are the perfect size to clean the baseboards!) and we have a blast! We listen to books on CDs while we work, making it go much faster! Below you will find links to my extensive lists on what to clean, how to clean it, and most importantly how to have fun while you're doing it! I, myself, will start our Spring cleaning at the end of March. I would start it now, but there is so much on my plate right now, that I have to push it back a bit. It's only a few more weeks, and then we can get ready for Spring! Who's with me?!

Kitchen Cleaning List
Bathroom Cleaning List
Living Room Cleaning List
Bedroom Cleaning List
Outside Cleaning List

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