Tuesday, March 27, 2012

List of chores for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I am a firm believer that your children should be helping around the house. I think a lot of parents do their children a huge disservice by not having them help around the house. Is it any wonder that there are lots of adults who can't cook a meal, can't do a load of laundry, can't sew on a button, can't clean a home? Their parents did everything for them, never teaching them how to do it themselves. I refuse to raise children who don't help out, who don't help keep the home clean. Now, my children are 4, 2, and 6 months. I, obviously, don't expect the 6 month old to clean anything, yet, but once he's walking, he'll be cleaning too. The oldest 2 know better, though. There are very simple things that you can have your child (no matter how small they are) help you with, to teach them how to clean and care for the home.

1. Pick up their toys. From the time they started walking, they were picking up their toys. I never expected them to be perfect at it, but now that my oldest has been picking up his toys for about 3 years, he's a pro at it! My 2 oldest know that before every meal, they need to pick up every toy and every book, and put them where they belong. I have had them pick up their things before every meal, since they could walk. Now, it's not even an issue; they know they have to clean up before they eat.

2. Wash their own dishes. Get a step stool, and help them wash their own dishes. We have a dishwasher, but I still make them wash their own dishes. They also help load and unload the dishwasher. Sometimes it's just easier to just load up the stuff yourself, and get it over with, but my job as a mom isn't to do things the easy way. I'm here to teach them to be independent human beings. They need to learn how to wash the dishes, and when they are older, they will load the dishwasher by themselves. The only dishes I don't have them wash, by hand, is the supper dishes; they want to play with daddy before bed, and then have daddy read to them.

3. Help sort the clothes for laundry day; help fold the clean clothes and put the clothes away. I set out  my baskets, and give the kids a piece of clothes, telling them which load to put it in. They are to small to go down to the washing machine, in the basement, yet. But when they are bigger, they will be going downstairs to learn how to wash the clothes. When the clothes are clean, they help fold them. They are a pro at folding the wash rags! They also help put up their own clothes. My oldest is a pro at hanging up his shirts!

4. Help clean the house. I have 2 dusters that I got at the Dollar store, that they use. Every room in the house, they help dust it. They might not do the best job, but they are learning! They wipe down the lower cabinets, the fridge front and the stove front. They help wipe down windows, to remove their fingerprints. They help me vacuum the floors. They can't do everything, but by the time they are old enough, they will be pros at how mom wants things cleaned!

5. Put their shoes away. I have baskets, near the front door, where they keep their shoes. They know where their shoes go, and that they should be putting them there.

6. Help sort the recycles and help throw the trash away. On our trash day, they help me get all the recycles together, and put them in the recycling bin. They also help me throw away trash.

Really, anything that I do, I try to include my children in. True, sometimes it's a lot of work for me, but I would rather have them help and learn how to do it properly, then have them never learn at all. Start with something simple, have them help pick up their messes. It will save you tons of time, and teach them to be responsible around the home. We pay our children an allowance, for the extra chores they do, but cleaning up their toys and rooms is expected. Like I said, my job is to raise 3 people who can take care of themselves. I think if every parent took the time to teach their kids to care for the family home, family life would be a lot better!

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