Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Post

I always feel so awkward on the first post. What do you say, how will people react? Well, I guess I can start by sharing  why I started this blog; maybe that will be a decent start!

I have always loved to write. I'm always finding  new and interesting things to try, and love to journal about them. My friend, who loves to read some posts I write about in a RP site, suggested that I take my journalling to another level and make a blog. Seems like everyone and their mother have a blog; I even know of a person who has over 5 blogs, and never maintains them! Why bother people?! But, I love writing, and I love crafting, making new things. Plus, I can't even tell you how many times I get emails and messages on Facebook asking how you clean this and that, or how you make something! So, I'll start today. I can't promise that I'll be faithful to the blogging process, or that I'll have something witty or funny to say, but I'm going to try! I hope that you find something new to try, learn something new, or at least are entertained!

Until the next time,

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