Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning List

I absolutely adore Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! They are a staple in my cleaning cabinet, especially with 3 dinosaurs running around the house! I like to cut these erasers into 4 pieces, if not more (depends on the job), to spread them out and make them last longer. I’ve scoured the internet, and added my favorite uses, to give you a pretty large list of what you can use these babies for! Have an idea that you don’t see on here? Let me know, and I’ll add it on!

  1. remove soap scum in the tub and shower. Works great. No sprays, no hard scrubbing!
  2. remove marks on walls
  3. clean splatters inside the microwave
  4. remove marks on vinyl siding
  5. remove adhesive residue after removing stickers
  6. remove black scuff marks from baseboards (where the vacuum cleaner hits)
  7. clean the outdoor side of window sills stained from leaves, dust and dirt
  8. clean plastic coolers inside and out
  9. remove rust spots & stain on countertops, floors, etc.
  10. remove cooked-on stains in pots and pans
  11. remove soot off the walls near the fireplace
  12. clean within the grooves of lawn ornaments
  13. clean sticky/dusty range hood over the stove
  14. clean oven shelves & the grates on the grill
  15. remove melted plastic on the side of the toaster oven
  16. remove green algae from cement (bird baths, steps, ponds, etc)
  17. remove green mildew from siding and gutters
  18. remove paint spills & oversprays
  19. remove toilet bowl rings (just cut a piece off & let it set in your toilet overnight)
  20. remove built-up algae, water deposits, etc from ceramic flower pots
  21. clean dish drainers that are gunked with lime and build-up
  22. remove bird poop from concrete bird bath
  23. remove coffee & tea stains that remain inside a mug, caraffe, thermos even after washing
  24. clean the plastic agitator inside your washing machine
  25. clean inside the crock pot
  26. remove melted plastic on a glass top stove
  27. clean swimming pool steps
  28. remove baked on brown spots on cookware
  29. clean boat & outdoor furniture upholstery
  30. clean vinyl striping on motorhomes, vans, boats
  31. clean car tires, including white walls
  32. clean pebbled surfaces like the outside of plastic coolers
  33. remove scuff marks on motorcycle & ATV helmets
  34. remove grass stains from shoes after mowing the lawn
  35. remove scuff marks from hangers/shoes in the walk-in closet
  36. clean oven door
  37. remove pollen from patio furniture, cars, etc.
  38. remove soap scum and gunk from around the bathroom faucets
  39. remove hairspray build-up on countertops and vanities
  40. remove soap scum inside porcelain & utility sinks
  41. clean stained caulking along the kitchen sink & countertop
  42. clean your bicycle, even the tires & rims
  43. clean tile & grout
  44. remove mildew from tents, vinyl canopies, awnings, fiberglass items
  45. remove paint overspray that has dried
  46. remove shoe marks from the kickplate of house doors & car doors
  47. clean inside your car (along the handles, window ledge, arm rests, dashboard)
  48. remove scuff marks and dirt from linoleum floors
  49. remove stains on leather seats, purses, chairs, etc.
  50. remove food stains inside plastic food containers
  51. remove dirt and grime on a vinyl convertible top
  52. remove nail polish from walls, carpets, wooden objects, plastic
  53. remove soil or scuff marks from ceramic tile flooring
  54. clean non-skid surfaces with tiny grooves (bathtub floors, refrigerator handles, pool steps, cooler lids)
  55. clean & shine bathroom faucets & fixtures
  56. remove magic marker, permanent marker, and ballpoint ink from virtually any surface
  57. clean doll faces
  58. clean textured handles on major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove)
  59. remove fingerprints and dirt on light-colored kitchen cupboards
  60. clean inside of the refrigerator
  61. remove crayon marks from walls
  62. remove dirt from plastic trash cans
  63. remove dark paint on light-colored carpet
  64. clean soap scum and oils from hot tub
  65. clean a car’s vinyl interior (gets into the tiny crinkles in the vinyl armrest, etc.)
  66. clean white porch railings, columns & pillars
  67. remove bugs from car windshield, grille, and bumper
  68. remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders
  69. remove rust and corrosion that’s built-up on the outside of pipes (kitchen/bathroom)
  70. clean & shine hubcaps
  71. remove built-up grime on the car steering wheel
  72. remove finger prints & build-up on the keyboard and mouse
  73. remove built-up gunk from vinyl seats
  74. remove tar from your car’s paint
  75. remove set-in stains inside glass and plastic pitchers
  76. remove scuff marks from the back of car seats (from kids’ shoes)
  77. clean kids’ plastic toys
  78. remove dirt and grime from athletic shoes and shoes with leather uppers
  79. remove fingerprint & handprints from light-colored doors & walls
  80. remove scuff marks from your patio furniture 
  81.  door seals on refrigerators & dishwasher 
  82.  glass stovetops. Removes baked and burned on junk with ease, and no scratches
Until Next Time,

*EDIT* I've read several posts, online, about people using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean their antiques and jewelery. I think this is an incredibly stupid idea, for so many reasons. First of all, if you are going to try and clean your antiques with it, then you are about as dumb as a rock! Anyone who collects antiques knows that you don't clean them! You dry dust, ONLY! Any kind of chemical, or cleaning solution, can remove dirt, but also the valuable paint and patina! Watch Antique's Road Show, people! So many people clean their antiques, and the value drops by the thousands! Don't touch them, other then dry dusting! As for cleaning jewelery, if you want to try this, be my guest. I have no idea what would happen to sterling silver plate, or things covered in a thin coating of gold. I wouldn't try it. The Magic Erasers are really good at removing dirt, dried on goop, etc. It very well could remove the plating on an item. Just my 2 cents.                                                                                             

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