Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bunny and Carrot

Big bunny teeth look ready to bite into a carrot that's as big as he is! This is the last animal that we made, using those plastic Easter eggs. It's easy to make, and super cute!

You will need:
Orange and Pink plastic egg
white, pink, and green cardstock
hot glue gun
Small piece of white cotton for tail


Cut out 2 white ears, a roundish box shape for the feet and a small rectangle for the teeth, out of the white. Cut out a small pink circle for the nose. Round off the feet, towards the front, and draw toe lines. Draw a single line, on the teeth, to mark out the 2 teeth.

Make a 90 degree fold in the ears, at the widest part of the ear.

Glue on the ears, on the fold line.

Glue on teeth, nose, and feet. Draw eyes and whiskers. Take a small piece of cotton, and glue on the back, for tail.

Take a nail, and hammer it thru the top of the orange egg. Cut out 3 (or more) strips of green, for the leaves. Mine look a little like pea pods, I think...

Gather your leaves together, and force them all thru the hole you just made.

Keep pulling the leaves out, until you have just a bit left on the inside. Hot glue them, on the inside, so they don't get pulled out.

Let your bunny proudly display his prize!

Until Next Time,

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