Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 Pigs in a Mud Bath

Yesterday, I showed you how to make a cute bird's nest, complete with 3 little chicks and today I'm going to show you how to make the cutest pigs, out of plastic Easter eggs! It's a very easy project, and I'm sure you and your children will have alot of fun making these!

You will Need:
Pink Plastic eggs
cardstock paper for ears and nose
pink pipe cleaner
hot glue gun
bone folder

Cut out a small circle and 2 ear shapes for each pig. I didn't have a template, so I just free handed it.

 Make a 90 degree fold in each ear, at the widest part of the ear. Hot glue the ears on, on the folded line, on each side of the egg. Use bone folder to hold ears on, as they dry. Glue snout on.

Draw 2 black eyes, with you Sharpie, and 2 nostrils.

Cut 2 pieces of pink pipe cleaners, about 4 inches long. Fold them in half, to make a 'V' shape. Hot glue the legs to the bottom of the pig, making sure to evenly space them. Curl a small piece of pipe cleaner into a curly que, and hot glue to the back of the pig.

Once legs are dry and cool, spread them out and trim them to fit their body. Take some brown cardstock, or whatever you have on hand, and cut out a nice mud puddle for them to sit in!

Tomorrow, I'll show you how to make an adorable bunny and carrot, using those plastic Easter eggs! My kids adore these pigs, and I know you will too!

Until Next Time,

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